Calorie Burning Games

How many of you like to snuggle, spoon?

Just to be next to the one you love sometimes, can be enough.

But when you get that desire to do more than just cuddle.

That is when the calories burn away.

it is not called exercise it is called enjoyment.

You don’t have to try hard, but it does help.

You move voluntarily with participation, anticipation for the big finale.

If you don’t understand what I mean, I am talking about sex.

That is one way to burn calories is to make love.

There are many ways to burn fun calories.

How about turning on romantic music, start dancing and kissing, neck nibbling gets you warmed up.

How about massaging one another with some aroma oils.

Sleeping in the nude gets you in the mood too.

If you are not in the mood or vise versa try new methods to spice up the romance.

Try new positions.

Sex text to each other.

Take a getaway vacation.

Talk dirty to each other.

Redo your bedroom, make it more romantic.

Read something sexy to each other.

Remembering how you met and what attracted you to each other.

Be romantic and give a gift for no reason, but only to show you love each other.

Learn something different together.

Go on your first date together, recreate it all over again.

Make love in a different part of the house, be spontaneous.

Be competitive with each other play strip poker and the winner decides what fun things to do to each other.

Make out like teenagers.

Share a steamy fantasy.

Play a game of twister change it up by taking clothes off each time you fall.

Blindfold, you cover one person’s eyes and they can not take it off. while the other does all sorts of arousing things to him or her.

Sexy Suits is a card game, Each suite has a sexy name.

Hearts represent kissing, diamonds equal massages, clubs signify hands-on stimulation, spades are oral.

The number on the card is the seconds your sexy act should last, Have fun taking turns.

Strip pong, you need twelve solo cups and twelve ping pong balls.

Set six on each side of the table, you can add alcohol or water. and whoever gets the ball in the cup first, the other has to remove one cup along with one piece of clothing.

How about park and spark? You find a nice secluded place to park where you will not be interrupted and make out.

I hope this gives you some ideas to help you burn calories.

It brings you closer to your partner at the same time.

I’m sure many of you already knew about the games I mentioned.

I hope that you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

It will help to get to know what you each want from the other.

But most of all it will help you burn the calories by doing what comes naturally to both of you.


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