Charting Journal

As you lose weight, Is it important to chart your progress? Yes, it is!

It is important to have a recent picture of yourself, it is also important to chart your goals, to chart your rewards for each goal made.

To a few, it may not be necessary, but to others, it may be important.

There are lots of people who like to check their progress.

Even if it has been one day.

They want to know if they are losing weight or inches.

There is nothing wrong with checking your weight once a week.

But it would be discouraging if you see no changes right away.

That does not mean that you are not losing weight.

It just means that the body is adjusting to the changes it is going through.

By charting you can keep a record of what you have eaten, the portions served.

It may help some of you when you go to the doctor to show him your progress.

It is exciting to see that you have lost inches on your waist.

It encourages you to see you are closer to your weight goal.

Also losing five or ten pounds can keep you satisfied with yourself knowing you are on the right track.

Being aware shows you care!

Checking your chart and keeping track of your weight also keeps you looking at your reward goals and seeing what reward is coming up next.

Keeping your goals fun makes you excited to be reaching your goals one after another.

Encouraging you to keep going, your closer to the finish line with each passing goal.

That is why it is very important to keep your goals in five or ten intervals the limit would be fifteen.

Keep them close to avoid discouraging yourself.

Keep it real and simple.

Be happy with every little progress you have made.

Seeing your toes for the first time, fitting into the favorite pants or dress, that you may have thought you would never fit into again.

You will find many, many, surprises along the way as you start to lose weight.

By charting them down in your chat journal you will never forget the excitement you felt when you discovered that they fit you like a glove.

You can wear them to your delight, just don’t were them out.

When you see the fruits of your labor you will love yourself even more, which is great keep it up.

So in conclusion of charting your progress, it is a great thing to do.

You can see your ups and downs.

What kept you motivated and what to keep away from.

Your exciting times are like seeing your toes for the first time, in a long time.

To get into your favorite pants or dress you thought would never fit you again.

Maybe it was the look on someone’s face that you never thought in a million years could look at you the way they did.

All this could be written in your charting journal book, for memories sake.

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