Eating Clean

Have you ever stopped to think about what clean eating is?

Back in the day when even I was not born.

They would get everything fresh.

There were no chemicals in the foods.

the cow would eat the grass, chickens would scratch up the bugs from the ground, pigs would eat whatever they could get their snouts on.

The farmer would plant his vegetables, harvest them and sell them to the grocery stores.

People would even stop by and buy them directly from them.

Then there are the few people that would grow their garden.

In some places, it is still that way.

But what is dying out is the farmer, Prices, regulations on how much to grow, not enough water.

Even not enough workers to pick the crops, so they let the food rot. some give it away rather than letting it spoil.

It is not easy to be a farmer they are a dying breed.

Eating clean is cooking from scratch.

No processed foods, everything is as fresh as possible.

No canned fruit, or vegetables.

Dried onion powder, garlic powder, anything that is fresh you can use.

Many of the foods we eat today have lots of sugar, salt, fats, and preservatives.

It has been refined by so many processes that it changes the food we eat.

If it says artificial flavors then keep away from it.

Something like baby spinach that is packaged is good but if you can find a farm that grows and sells them it is best to get it from them directly.

Because they have not been processed yet and are clean.

When it comes to fats eat healthy fats, not those that come from saturated fats like cheese, butter, meats.

I know many of you are going to say “hell no” but alcohol is not good for you because it has lots of sugar in it. especially the mixed drinks and all the added flavors.

You can have two drinks per day for women and two for men.

Next is the salt intake if you have high blood pressure then you are eating too much process food with high sodium.

Hopefully, when you start eating clean you will lower your high blood pressure.

Eat whole grains, if your wheat bread, just says wheat then it is not whole grains.

You need to make sure that the package says whole wheat bread.

If it has brand or wheat germ that is better for you.

Eat meat but they should be smaller portions.

Some meats have saturated fats which is not good for you.

Lean meat is always a better choice for you.

When it comes to fruits, freshly picked from the farm are the best.

They taste so good and sweet.

Just thinking of them makes my mouth water.

Eating clean is easy once you start to pay attention to the food you buy.

by checking the labels you well know. especially if the ingredients are long, that is a sign that bad things are added to it.

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