Eating Habits

I guess you still have to change your eating portions a bit, that is eating a bit less.

You still get to eat what you want but in smaller portions.

If you eat more on the days after fasting you will gain weight instead of losing.

when fasting your body makes changes so that the calories that store fat can be used more easily.

So these changes benefit you by giving you more energy.

It also works on your nervous system and many key hormones.

These changes occur to the Metabolism when fasting.

Along with those changes comes more positive ones like your insulin, normally when you eat your insulin goes up.

When you fast your insulin goes down drastically which in turn makes it easy for the body to burn fat.

Next is the human growth hormone It kicks in and starts to aid in muscle gain and loss of fat.

Norepinephrine breaks down fat, which is then turned into fatty acids, Which then is turned into energy.

This is information sent to your fat cells from your nervous system to make all this happen.

Many people believe that if you fast you will do the opposite, and gain more weight

But that is not what happens, it makes the body improve itself from the inside out.

When the pancreas is making insulin a hormone in the body.

Its focus is to turn sugar (glucose) into energy, The body uses it as fuel.

But it also has another job which stores the fat.

When your level of insulin goes up because you have eaten.

But when you fast it goes down.

It also helps because the fat is used instead of being stored in the fat cells and the fat that is already in the fat cells is also being used.

which you start to see the weight coming off like butter.

So in conclusion when you start your fasting depending on which method you use, you have a limited time window that you give yourself to be able to eat.

After this window closes, you can not eat again until your fasting time has ended.

This is very good for people who are diabetics because it helps with insulin.

When the insulin is not working good what happens is that the cells are insulin resistant.

Which makes the sugar levels and insulin levels go up.

But fasting helps the body try to regulate the insulin, and start to burn fat from the food you eat.

That is why it is very important to eat small food portions when your day of fasting ends.

By doing this your body still uses the stored fat cells to make energy.

Your body can make some repairs to keep you going, but we have to take the time to give it some help and time to heal itself.

You may see some fast weight loss.

Be amazed at what the body can do when you start caring for yourself.

Hopefully, it opens your eyes to what the body can do when given a chance.

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