Eating Healthy Makes You Feel Happy

Have you ever stopped to think about what you could do with a body that is always healthy?

Many people always say they are tired all the time.

They have no energy to do fun things with the kids.

I have noticed that this generation’s energy wares out fast.

The grocery store has a big selection of processed foods.

no nutrition, no vitamins, just fillers to make you feel full only to be hungry in a few hours.

Many foods contain sugars, that give you energy till the rush wears down.

Then you are like a car with no gas, you feel exhausted and drained.

How can I go from slowpoke Rodriguez to speedy Gonzalez?

By making the necessary changes in the foods you eat, By eating fresh natural foods that the body was made to consume.

Be able to regulate your blood sugars, which would not be so high. because the body is made to handle natural sugars.

But when you start eating all this processed food with, unnatural sugars then the body starts to have trouble balancing everything you consume.

It tries but it can only handle so much then it needs help.

It starts to give you warnings but you are blind to what is happening because you are not paying attention.

When you give your body the nutrients, vitamins, minerals it needs your body will respond. you will feel more energy than you have felt in a long time.

Having your body healthy will give it the power to protect you from heart disease.

When eating your fruits and vegetables helps reduce the chances of getting cancer because the fruits and vegetables have phytonutrients and antioxidants which fight against cancer growth.

Memory is very important, and eating our fresh vegetables and fruits helps keep our minds fresh and alert.

This is the opposite when we eat processed foods our memory turns into mush having trouble remembering things or the conversations we are having.

By eating your clean meals of fruits and vegetables which have vitamin B six this helps the body make chemical dopamine that helps the brain increase in feelings of pleasure.

Omega-three fatty acids also help you from becoming depressed and anxious.

Cardiovascular disease is associated with refined foods. Clean eating reduces the chances of heart problems.

Eating fruits with vitamin C helps strengthens blood vessels, in turn, protects you from having a stroke, and also helps with blood pressure.

Eating the right foods also helps in lowering your bad cholesterol.

Eating all your vegetables and fruits also helps your skin look healthy, wrinkle-free, and radiant you will have a natural glow, youthful look.

It slows the aging process of the skin.

also eating clean improves the quality of your sleep, which process food does interrupt and you don’t get sound sleep.

Not getting enough sleep mess with your health, interrupts the whole system, and makes your body, mind, not function appropriately.

Eating clean makes a big difference all the way around for your body.

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