Eating lite

Would this be a dream come true?

You can lose weight, eat what your heart desires?

Sounds to good to be true. But, it is not!

Though there is a catch. you can only eat one or two bites of food, and they can not be big bites they can only be normal bites of food.

Do you think you could live with that?

When I think of two bites I think more of the desserts. those to me would not be good, even though they taste great.

But let us be realistic, to eat that way you would have to eat small bite meals all day long.

This does not sound bad, but not everyone has time to eat every two hours depending on what you do.

If you work in an office you might get away with it but if not, this method of eating is not for you.

But for those who think wow that is a great idea I can give it a try.

But for others, there is a different way.

This one is more livable and you can still lose weight and look great.

You are still eating light.

All you need to do is cut back on your portions of food.

For example, make a fist.

That is the size of your stomach.

If you start to eat smaller portions and you still feel hungry, it is that the nerves around your stomach are shrinking.

In four days your stomach should shrink back to its original size.

But there are times you just feel like eating more than just a fist of food, you can have another fist of food but that should be it, more than that stretches the stomach.

I also recommend you stay away from the processed microwave dinners.

Made for people who are trying to lose weight and think they are helping their body by eating empty-calorie foods.

They even make candy that gives you diarrhea if you eat too much of it.

Eating light is a lot better for you than eating processed foods, they usually have more sodium and imitation sugars that leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

Many people believed if it was made with fewer calories and fake sugars, it is better for you and you can eat more and still lose weight.

What a shock that was when it only did the opposite of what they promised.

So in conclusion of this topic of losing weight by eating small portions and eating what you want.

It’s just that, eating your favorite foods in smaller portions being able to stop at that well make a big difference.

You do not have to be restricted from eating certain food you just have to have the willpower to stop eating your favorite foods.

But chew them slowly and savor the flavor of each bite doing this well let you enjoy the portion of food you love more.

While eating less and losing weight, without the small bites of food.

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