Eating Out

When it comes to eating at your favorite restaurant and you are trying to eat less.

Is it worth going out to eat with friends and family?

Still, keep eating smaller portions?

Yes, you can still go out and enjoy family and friends, while You eat smaller portions and take the rest home.

If you feel uncomfortable about this because everyone else is still eating then just eat slower and enjoy the taste of your food.

Many restaurants can make your portions smaller if you ask, I’m sure they can accommodate you.

This can also be a time of inspiration for someone else too.

As they always see you eat smaller portions of food. they might decide to try this also and see if they can lose weight.

Don’t feel alone, when you go out to eat. just enjoy the company that you are surrounded by.

Smaller portions also means you might have room for dessert.

When eating at a restaurant you don’t know how they cook their food or how it may be prepared.

They may add other ingredients that you do not use at home.

you can also ask the waiter how the food is prepared and they usually let you know how delicious it is.

How do you know if you are at a good restaurant?

The parking lot is always full.


There is always a line at the door.

People waiting to be seated to eat.

Depending on where you go for lunch or dinner restaurants are always happy to see you come in.

If you see that they are always busy it is best to call ahead of time and make a reservation, that way you are guaranteed a seat.

Have you ever stopped to think which is healthier? restaurant food? or fast food?

The answer may surprise you, believe it or not, fast food had fewer calories than restaurant food.

But as you know already the best food is the one you make at home.

Because you know What you put in it and how it was prepared.

You don’t have to question what is in it unless of course, someone else in the family cooked it, and they are just learning.

Then you may have to ask what it is and what they put in it.

So go out and have fun with family and friends eat at a nice restaurant and enjoy your food.

There is nothing wrong to ask for a doggy bag to take your food home.

You can eat it later or give it to the dog as a treat they get tired of eating the same old food every day too.

Don’t forget that restaurant food is more fatting than fast food, who would have thought that was possible.

I didn’t, it took me by surprise.

That does not mean you can’t enjoy the food, it just means you have to stick to small portions.

to take home for later.

It depends on you if you have room for a bite of dessert.

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