Exercise Dreadful Topic

I know you have heard over and over that anyone can lose weight with enough exercise and dieting.

Just the thought of exercising alone discourages many people.

so don’t freak out on me, please and calm down, the Natural Alternative For Weight Loss is about keeping your heart, mind, and soul in a pleasing, comfortable, safe, and secure state, so that your cells can release the stored fat.

Have you ever seen people pumping iron, cycling, working out, and sweating all over the place!

They may have those rippling bodies we all like to look at on the beach, but in reality, those rock-hard bodies are flowing in toxicity.

Look and appreciate, but do not desire such a body yourself.

Rippling muscles and six-packs are a different type of program which comes with its type of health challenges.

plus we don’t want to exercise, we want to be thin.

There are many ways to exercise, without feeling like you are exercising.

  • Walking with the kids around the block
  • Walking at the park
  • Walking inside the mall
  • Jumping on a trampoline
  • Watching a movie and still jumping on a small trampoline
  • Cleaning house
  • Working on the yard
  • Playing with grandchildren
  • Walking the dog
  • Helping a neighbor
  • walking on the beach
  • Swimming

what you need to do is keep moving. Your bodies require oxygen to maintain powerfully positive cells, and exercise is an excellent way to get it into all those 30 trillion cells craving love and oxygen and you don’t have to kill yourself to do it.

The key to low-impact exercise is there is no running, no jogging, just gentle brisk movements that increase your body’s production of oxygen by making your breath a little more than you would if you were just resting.

One of the things I do is a sprint in place and you don’t have to do it for long.

You put one leg in front of you and another behind you. but you do not move your legs, next you move your arms back and forth as fast as you can like a sprinter running to win the race of his life for thirty seconds, then you do it again switching legs.

If you are breathing heavier than your resting state you are doing it right good job! this is quick, easy, painless.

Do this three times a day. If you need to start slow that is fine.

Do not hurt or overwork yourself when you are using the Natural Alternative For Weight Loss.

Pushing yourself is not good, but creating opportunities for movement and getting oxygen into the cells of your body is necessary.

Just like drinking water to keep you hydrated.

Exercise can be fun or it can be dreadful depending on how you picture it to be in your mind.

Many say no pain no gain. But if you stop and think about it, they may be the ones full of toxins.

there may be a few more things you might think of that I did not put on the list. but remember make it fun!

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