Fast repairing

Fasting is become more popular now than in years past.

What is the fascination with fasting?

It does what no diet, Or diet medication has ever done.

Repair your body’s cells. Imagine that.

How does this happen?

The body starts to remove the waste cell from the body, this is a process that the body does when you fast.

This is called autophagy Which means it starts to break down the bad cell.

It also takes out the broken proteins that have built up over time.

This is called the metabolic of dysfunctional cells.

what is its purpose? Its suppose to help the body from cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other illnesses.

So fasting does have its benefits, and you could live longer and healthier.

Seeing that obesity is on the rise and so is being diabetic, because of the high sugar content in the foods we eat.

Fasting has helped many lower their blood sugars.

They also found that fasting protected the kidneys from damage.

for those who are already diabetics that is good news.

To me, the key is it helps renew your cells, helps the kidneys, lowers your sugar, helps your brain function better, also, helps reduce inflammation.

Those are all good reasons to start fasting.

There is more, we all have a hormone that our body makes to protect the brain it is called “Brain-derived neurotrophic factor”, BDNF.

When we are low on this hormone it causes depression and Brain problems.

Fasting, may help and protect the brain from this kind of problem.

How many of you suffer from inflammation?

Oxidative stress involves free radicals, They are very unstable molecules, that are very damaging to the body.

When they come into contact with our healthy DNA and proteins they damage them which starts problems with the body.

Fasting, heals the cells, which helps the body fight off oxidative stress.

Our ancestors had the right idea, many centuries ago. using this method to heal the body.

It kept many alive and healthy, even Jesus used to fast.

Fasting has become popular once again. The benefits it gives the body outweigh, any diet that is out there.

It is natural for one, You eat regular meals, you do not have to eat a restricted diet.

You don’t have to limit your portions.

No medications to take.

The best part of all this is this, it heals your body, your cells become new again.

Sort of like the fountain of youth but it needs more work to get it right.

Can you imagine how crazy the world would be, not that it is not already?

To fast and be young again.

Now I am letting my imagination go wild.

The sky is the limit I always say.

We can all dream. that is what keeps us going, otherwise, we would have no hope.

Dreams do come true too, It may take some time, but you just have to believe that it is out there.

Just like finding the right weight-loss method that works for you.

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