Fasting Safely

Before you start to fast it is very important to make sure you have the proper nutrient to get you thru your fasting.

Like vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

You have to make sure that you eat enough but at the same time do not overdo it when you are eating.

Fasting is good, for many people.

But there are a few people that should not fast.

Yes, it is good for some diabetics but not all especially those that take medication.

If you take medication and start to fast your sugar may dip too low and cause problems for you.

So it is best to let your doctor know before you start.

So he can keep an eye on you, while you fast. Otherwise, your could end up in a coma or worse, die.

Another group of people that should not fast are children.

They are still growing and their little bodies are developing, they need their vitamins, minerals, and proteins to grow.

Putting them thru fasting is not recommended. It could lead to many problems for them in the future as they grow.

Another group is women who are pregnant, When you are pregnant that is the worse time to fast because the baby needs a lot of nutrition, you are not eating for one but two.

That could make you very weak.

If you fast when you are mid-term you are putting your baby at risk.

It could be born a pre-me or die.

If thinking of fasting it is best to wait till after the baby is no longer breastfeeding.

Baby needs all the nutrients that breast milk provides.

If fasting it will affect the baby’s milk when it comes to nutrition.

If it is just for one day it is okay but more than that is not.

Do you know someone who may say they are fasting for so many days, and when the time comes to eat they make up excuses not to eat?

They have an anxiety attack, are very moody, have trouble sleeping, and are extremely fatigued. they start to think food makes them fat so they avoid food hunger pains.

In conclusion, is fasting safe for everyone? It depends on what medication you are taking if you are diabetic.

It could lower your sugar drastically when fasting.

Talk to your doctor before you start to fast so he can keep an eye on you.

As for children, it is not recommended because they are still growing and need all the nutrients for growing bodies.

If you are pregnant, It is best not to fast because you are eating for two and the unborn child needs all the vital nutrients to survive and to be strong.

Fasting at the mid-term can make the baby come early or die so it is risky to fast while pregnant.

It is also very important that you do not fast while breastfeeding because the nutrient is needed for the baby.

You can fast for one day but more than that is bad for breast milk.

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