Five Reasons

When it comes to our food you follow your nose to the food you crave.

You don’t stop to think about how it is made or what they cook it in.

Only how good it is going to taste.


So many people are not mindful of what they are doing or do they choose to ignore it.

You live in a time of resources.

what do I mean by that?

You have everything in a touch of our fingers.

With your phones.

Many people have forgotten the necessity of cooking.

Seems like everyone is calling some restaurant for food delivery.

If you eat at home the food you buy is still processed, the poor kids don’t have a chance when it comes to eating healthy.

They do what the parents are teaching them.

They grow up buying foods easy to make with no nutritional value just empty calories.

Your kids blossom but not the way you want them to.

So the next best thing is to start being mindful of what you eat, make better choices for yourself and your family.


Cleaning up your metabolism is a sure way to help you lose weight.

By eating clean, it helps you be more mindful because you are not eating all that processed food.

Being mind full of what you eat helps cut back on all the bad saturated fat, sodium, and sugars.

It makes you aware of your food choices.

By changing the way you eat.

You will begin to see the weight come off you fast.

Because you are not giving your body processed foods.

Giving your body the right foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

The body will show you how much it appreciates you by the weight you lose.


Clean eating improves your skin, giving it a healthy glow that resists aging.

Eating processed sugars breaks down the collagen which gives you an unhealthy look, also causes inflammation to the skin and wrinkles.

But eating clean reverses all that.


Do you forget things and blame them on your age?

It turns out that when you eat processed food it makes you unfocused.

You tend to forget what you are doing.

That is from your sugar, it is too high.

Which reduces your memory.

So avoid that cake that keeps calling your name.

Do not bury your salad with salade dressing that is high in sugars.

You may surprise yourself with what you just remembered.


How many times do you feel tired right after lunch especially?

If you had a lot of processed food.

That is the reason, it is all the sugar, which in turn makes you tired.

Instead of giving you the energy to get moving.

If you eat fresh fruit or vegetables you will have more energy.

The groggy let me sleep feeling well go away. 

You will be ready for the last part of your day before you get to go home.

These are the first five reasons to change your eating habits to more natural foods.

But I have another five to go.

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