Get Friends Involved

How many of you have tried to lose weight on your own and failed?

Some may say not me, I did it on my own.

But did you let your friends know?

Yes or No? Only you know the answer to that.

The reason I ask is that it is always easier to have friends involved when you want to lose weight.

It is always good to ask your friends if they would like to get to a healthy weight along with you.

That way you can motivate each other, be the pillar of strength when either one is weak.

It makes it fun, plus who else than a friend can you compete with about who can lose the most.

Planing your goal rewards together can be fun, gives you something to look forward to.

Going shopping when you reach one of your goals as a reward!

Making it fun, not boring can keep you excited to be able to lose weight and feel great.

But not all of us have friends that want to lose weight.

They are happy to be overweight.

They may look at you questionably and ask Why?

What is wrong with the way you look now?

It didn’t bother you before.

They may laugh at you, make fun of you, and think you will never stick to it.

Don’t be upset with them, after all, they are still your friends.

Plus they did help you out after all when they laughed at you and made fun of you.

How? By starting a fire in you!

They helped you out without realizing that they did.

Now you want to show them that you can do it, without their help.

Even though they did help you in their way without noticing that they were your spark!

To ignite the flame.

They keep you motivated, by wanting to show them that they are wrong about you.

Another way that they help you especially if they know you are trying to lose weight is by watching you.

When you go out somewhere with friends and they stop at a pastry place for something sweet.

It may be your favorite place.

Just to test your sincerity to losing weight, waiting to see you fail so that they can laugh at you, and “tell you see I knew it!”

That keeps you on your toes.

That does not mean you can’t enjoy any pastry you can still eat some.

Just don’t eat it all at once.

Friends can be fun to hang out with.

When you are doing fun stuff, need someone to talk to, shoulder to lean on, or cry on.

They can help you in your darkest hour, or your happiest of days.

They are always there for you.

Even if they make fun of you and don’t take you seriously at times.

They can always start that one little spark that gets the flame burning.

Your motivation without hesitation!

They are your friends, It doesn’t get better then that.

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