There was a time when people wanted to get fit they would eat certain foods to give them the strength and the muscle to build their bodies.

With the changes made with food today, it is hard to maintain a clean easy natural way of eating.

But you need to think of it this way, what you put on your plate from now is very important to your body.

How can you tell if you are eating clean?

.There are no additives, chemicals, not real flavors.

Anything packaged has a lot of sugars, salts, or food coloring.

When it comes to meals think about your portions.

Think about eating six meals a day instead of three. this way you can keep your blood sugar in check.

You won’t overeat or skimp on meals you don’t like.

Always keep moving, do something to burn calories, if you don’t like to exercise.

But if you like to run and have fun it is better for you.

Keeps your blood circulation in top shape.

I know you are thinking easier said than done.

Yes, this is true, it is hard in the beginning.

Cutting out certain foods that you are used to eating.

Don’t think of what you will miss but the weight that will be gone.

By eliminating all the processed sugars, salts, fats.

The new you will emerge.

Yes, it will be worth the effort.

You are not taking out the proteins your bodies need or the vitamins and minerals.

You just have to choose the right foods that give you these.

You need to make sure you have protein in every meal.

Small portions do not need to be a lot.

It is a muscle booster, by eating the right amounts of foods that supply the body with the nutrients it needs, it should stop the cravings.

Eating too much meat is bad for you but there are good substitutes like avocados and mushrooms.

Less saturated fats reduce the chances of heart disease.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables along with your meals is very important to in eating healthy.

It has the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Also eating healthy whole grains that have plenty of fiber help you feel full longer and stops the cravings.

So by eliminating all processed foods from your pantry, and eating clean foods which are vegetables and fruits that are fresh, not canned.

Eating small portions of meat in every meal, not canned processed meats.

And eating whole-grain bread that says whole grain.

Not just wheat bread, because those are filled with fillers.

If you start to read the labels of the packages of food at the store and see a long list of ingredients, and you can’t pronounce most of them.

Then those are processed food with added junk your body doesn’t need.

Our food has changed and in the change of our food, you have changed too.

You are no longer healthy, you are obese, and don’t want to do anything.

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