Loving yourself Enough

For years we have been keeping fit without realizing that we have been exercising. Starting at a young age we learn to crawl and then walk and, run. We do not stop till it is nap time or bedtime.


Mom would send us outside to play and not come in the house till called in for lunch. Then outside again to continue playing till dinner.

But I do agree that times have changed a lot since I was a kid.

Now we have electronic games that keep kids along with the parents glued to the television set. we need to keep the family moving even if is to take out the garbage. Even doing the chores around the house.

Many families do not have family time. Where they Have one day a week to do something fun together.

Going out to the beach, or even to the park could be fun for the kids and the parents.

if you don’t want to leave home then play some basketball at home, tag your it, hide and seek, or have a water balloon fight, let your imagination run wild.

Keeping active now helps you to stay healthy, waiting till you are overweight will just make it harder for you.

Then you will be asking your self “why did I let myself go this way.”

What got me motivated was I could never find clothes that fit me nicely. I had to buy everything extra big. The style of the clothes was not pleasing to the eye.

But I could not blame anyone but myself for my condition.

It was not easy at first to lose weight. I did not want to take weight loss pills or any other kind of weight loss propaganda.

I had seen friends that had taken weight loss pills and ended up with double the weight once they stopped taking the pills.

It took a while to lose the weight. but I have kept it off. From over three hundred pounds to one hundred and fifty-two.

I always say just like it took time to gain the weight, you should take time to lose it naturally so it will stay gone forever.

It depends on how bad you want to lose weight. I didn’t exercise but I did walk around a lot and changed my eating habits.

I also changed my state of mind. thought positive thoughts, started to love me more. I have always loved myself enough to not take drugs, but I didn’t love myself enough to not gain the weight I had.

To have a deep love for yourself is not bad. To love yourself is what keeps you alive, healthy, happy. If you don’t love yourself how can anyone love you?

It keeps your eyes open to how you want to be treated. If you treat yourself well and someone comes along and starts to treat you wrong then that person is not for you.

Because you are looking out for yourself positively and lovingly. why would you accept someone who is not loving you the way you should be loved!

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