Mind Set

Before we start to think about losing weight, we need to set our minds straight about our thoughts on how we feel.

It should be positive.

not a negative thought.

You should think of the way you will feel, look, and the energy you will have.

Many of us make the mistake of thinking right away of the opposite of what we want.

When it comes out like we thought it was going to, we tell ourselves I knew it was going to happen this way, I should have listened to myself.

But guess what! you did and that is the result that came from it.

Find a friend or family member to join you to lose the weight you both want.

Be the moral support for each other, let each one of you know that she or he has your back.

encourage one another in times of weakness.

If by chance one fails, there is no harm done as long as you keep doing your best.

I want to remind you this is not a diet.

It is a way to teach yourself, self-discipline.

If you can control what you eat.

What do I mean by that?

If you can take one bite of a cupcake or any other food you desire and throw the rest away.

That is called self-control or self-discipline.

If you can have a taste of what you want and walk away from the rest, then you are not denying your body of anything but letting it have what it is craving without indulgence.

You can go to a potluck and enjoy all the food you want to try by just taking a bite-size serving of each.

If you still feel hungry then you can drink a glass of punch after that drinking water helps the digestive system and is very good for you.

My method of weight loss is not stressful, you are still eating what you like but in small portions.

You also need to drink water to wash out your system of toxins and water does that very thing.

Many people say they hate going to the restroom all the time. But the more water you drink helps the body to also get the metabolism working which helps the body burn fat.

After a meal do something that keeps you moving for a few minutes just don’t sit down.

if you have chores to do or go for a walk, turn some music on and dance.

I know that some of you come home from work and the last thing on your mind is to keep moving when all you want to do is sit down.

But even mowing the lawn, going up and downstairs, washing dishes is moving.

Don’t feel discouraged if the weight comes down slowly, it’s better if it does that way because losing to fast causes sagging skin and you don’t want that.

once you have lost weight naturally, without weight control pills or other gimmicks, you will be happy you did it this way.

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