Setting A Standard

Being a star is not easy, yes they look glamorous walking out on the red carpet strutting their stuff with big smiles. looking beautiful.

But have you ever seen them out of the spotlight?

It takes days or weeks to look that good, they need to prepare themselves for this ahead of time.

In between projects, you may see them with a few extra pounds, but once they start to make a movie they go on some crazy diet to lose the weight.

For those who can afford a trainer and chef to work them hard and a chef to cook them empty calories.

Models are the same way too they eat hardly anything to keep that slender skin and bones look, but eating very little for too long can do some major damage to the body.

If they can afford a trainer or chef that is great but if not many of them achieve their goals in other ways.

some turn to weight loss drugs, starvation, get high drugs to lose the weight, prescription drugs or none prescription to cannibalize lean muscle mass.

having to do this constantly makes you understand why many actors and models get addicted to drugs trying to stay thin, losing weight fast, and keeping it off.

Many people try this method of weight loss, but in the end, it does affect the body in the long run.

Is this lack of self-love for each individual ? or is it an ambition to succeed no matter the cost to your body to be famous?

And what about the media who are showing our youth that thin is a success. you can only be beautiful if you are thin.

our youth are so easily impressed with what they see or hear. They need to be aware of the dangers that are being told to them each day.

to have talent, be smart, and be successful you don’t have to be a certain way, be yourself because that is what got you there in the first place.

letting others influence you to change who you are is wrong when it comes to your health.

many actors fight the bulge for years, they try to keep themselves thin and as the years pass by you see many who have gained the weight, and are then ridiculed by media.

others who may set the standard of how one should look on camera. but may not be fit themselves.

there is nothing wrong with being thin as long as you do it the right way and love yourself enough not to let others tell you that you don’t fit, their standard of thin.

we are all beautiful in our way.

celebrities are very beautiful and look fabulous, but in the long run, they are human just like you and me and have to work very hard to look the way they do.

they live in a setup standard that they have to live by or well be ridiculed if not followed. What a life.

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