Should I Lose Weight

You may ask yourself ” why should I lose weight at all?” and the answer to that is this, sometimes we need some kind of motivation.

like a class reunion, a wedding, vacation, or doctor told me if I don’t lose weight I  will die.

the main one is I want to live long enough to see my kids grow up and be happy.

The truth of the matter is that many Americans are overweight.

The youth of today are not getting thin, but gaining a lot of weight, because they are not active enough, or motivated enough to play outside.

Today’s technology keeps us all with our heads down looking at our phones.

rarely do you see children playing outside or at a park? What is this world coming to?

We have developed into a technology society.

Many things have become easier than we move less and obesity is rising to an all-time high.

Our world has changed so much in the twentieth century that you can call on your cell phone to order dinner and have it delivered to your house.

You can call in your grocery list to a store and park and Waite for them to bring it to your car, or deliver it to your home.

What is my point?

The more that technology improves the less we do, the less we do our bodies deteriorate.

Many may think life has gotten better, but in reality, it has not.

A lot of the quality of life has been forgotten.

Our food has been tampered with to make it grow faster, the animals are given chemicals to grow faster.

We consume all that is given to the animals so we are affected because we are what we eat.

We are excepting these changes and we are also seeing the effects that it causes.

The rise of illness, obesity, and we blame it all on each individual.

But the reality is our bodies are not liking the changes in the food we eat.

It is causing many problems for us all and getting worse as time goes by.

some of this food we can’t even digest properly.

What may be good for one individual may not be for the next person.

We are all different and not all diets that are tried will work for everybody.

If they do they work for a short time.

Then what?

In today’s society, there are pills that you can take to help you get thin and they say you can eat all you want and just take another pill.

They don’t tell you to control your eating and eat less, but to continue eating the same way and keep taking the pill.

They are not thinking of the person taking the pill they are thinking of all the money they are making from desperate people trying to lose weight.

There are so many scams out there.

I believe that losing weight the right way will help you keep it off permanently.

You don’t have to go on any diets or take any pills and still eat the foods you enjoy.

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