Sleep Repairs The Body

How many of you enjoy a good night’s sleep?

I do, It helps refresh you for your next day.

But as we get older we don’t sleep as well, as we use to.

Some reasons may be, as teens we want to stay up and party or do school homework.

As adults, we stay up because we have children that we care for and have to make sure they are settled in before we can relax for the day.

Or you are a party animal and are the last one to leave.

Whatever it is that keeps you up at night.

Having children, you realize how important sleep is not only for your young ones but for adults too.

Toddlers fight to stay awake because they feel that they will miss out on something.

So they cry themselves to sleep.

But as we get older we start to look forward to our naps.

Did you know that some people can sleep a whole eight hours and wake up as tired as when they went to bed?

I know quite a few people that are like that.

They went to see their doctor.

He gave them a machine to help them sleep and it has done wonders for them.

They wake up rested and refreshed in a better mood.

Sleep is the only time your body gets to rest from head to toe.

Did you know that your eyes are one of the parts that don’t get rest until you sleep?

From the time you wake up in the morning till you go to bed at night.

Unless you take a nap in between.

It’s no wonder your eyes get irritated at times.

That is the time your body should not eat so late.

Because the energy your body uses to repair itself is being used for the stomach to digest the food.

Not only repairing but also you should be losing weight not storing fat in your cells as storage.

This is the time your metabolism should be melting the fat away as you sleep.

As you sleep your body releases a chemical that is called leptin, which is created by the fat hormones cells. these keep you from getting hungry at night.

But if you sleep less it also releases another chemical that is called Grehlm hormones that is produced in the stomach, this makes the body gain weight instead.

Just sleeping four hours at night Makes you wake up hungry.

But getting eight hours or more you wake up fine.

So get plenty of rest and don’t eat late. you should do good when it comes to your weight.

But if you are having trouble sleeping expect to start gaining weight.

It is best to go to bed when you feel the hunger pains start.

That will get your body ready to do some calorie-burning because you did not give in to the craving for food.

Plus sleeping helps you not notice that you are hungry you are dreaming your fat away.

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