The Seat Of The Soul

The next part to focus on is the seat of the soul, which is the heart. this is the body’s power station.



there is no more effective way to influence the body than to go directly to the source. You can have a lot of love in your life, but still not love yourself.

Most people in America and also around the world do not love themselves. chances are if you don’t love your self you have a problem maintaining a healthy weight.

The truth is, we are more likely to do something for someone else than for ourselves. I was like that when I was overweight.

I was swimming in negativity, I did have a loving family and friends, but I was surrounded by drama and trauma. I was the last one on my list of priorities.

But when I started to put myself first and started to make the necessary changes for my life, the weight started to melt away.

My family noticed that I was losing weight, I got compliments, at first it was hard for me to accept them because I was not use to it, but I told myself to accept them because I did work hard to lose the weight and People did notice the change.

Loving myself became easier and easier, filling every cell of my body with more and more love. when you start loving yourself, you are building up momentum.

At first, it may start up slowly, It takes a lot of energy to get it going, once it builds up momentum from there, it’s like a train taking off from a complete stop, but once it starts going there is no stopping it, and it gets easier.

The Heart to me is like a storage unit, it is our soul place because that is where many of us hold our feelings, It is where we make our choices.

We give our love wholeheartedly and when we get hurt we also hold back and not trust, close up and keep everyone away.

We hold our fear there also by the things we hear or read Like Television, Media, Facebook, Instagram, Radio, Magazines. I could go on and on.

They constantly tell you how you should look, what to wear, what to buy. believe it or not, many follow blindly, without realizing it.

Everyone has to look a certain way or they say you do not fit. We are surrounded by this every day and have gotten used to the negativeness that it sounds like regular noise.

It’s like getting a compliment and you are not sure if it was a nice one because it can go either way, How confusing is that!

That is why we need to protect our heart because it is the sole caretaker of our bodies, it is what holds us together on the inside, loving yourself makes a big difference in your eyes, because only you know what is inside of yourself, no one else does.

I said the heart is like a storage unit, always hold the fun and loving memories inside only.

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