Think Before You Eat

Have you been told before that you need to think thin when you are overweight?

At first, I was like What the hell are you talking about, if I could do that then I would be thin.

But then I started to think, not of a thin thought but a child.

Have you watched when a toddler eats? I don’t mean Them getting everything they touch dirty or discovering they can use their hair as a napkin to clean their little hands.

But when they are full they are done eating.

As they get older they still do this, until they get to their teenage years.

Then it is the opposite they can’t stop eating.

But you can’t blame them the food has changed and made to make you eat more, but make you less active.

With all these viruses floating around, there is not much moving around lately.

When I say think before you eat, I mean think how good whatever you eat is going to taste.

Make food your friend. What do I mean By that?

I Mean don’t be negative about it. Remember Your heart is the soul seat.

So don’t say things like, this is going straight to my thighs, or I can see this going to my waist, I am getting fatter as I eat.

Or anything else negative that comes to mind.

because what the heart feels is connected to the cells of your body, you say those negative thoughts, guess what it will go to those exact places you mentioned.

Always give your body what it craves. I don’t mean you sit down and eat a whole cake.

This is what I did when I was craving something really good.

I would buy a cake and just eat a thin slice. But I would eat it slowly and taste every bit of each bite from the thin slice I had. It was very satisfying.

My brother would get mad at me cause that is all I ate from the cake.

He said he was stuck eating the rest. I told him just to throw it away but he said no. That is what I did.

I didn’t deny my body what it craved, but I only would eat a thin slice or a small piece.

But to tell someone to think like a skinny person to me is like telling someone to read a book that you have no interest in.

It just depends on how serious you are about losing weight.

Like I have said before It well takes time to lose the weight you want, Just like it took time to gain it.

But if you lose weight the right way, you will keep it off permanently.

Don’t let someone else make you feel bad about your weight. When you are ready to lose do it for yourself, not for them.

Make the needed changes for the Love you feel for yourself.

Not for their love. If it was true love they feel for you they would not give you a hard time.

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