Think straight when losing Weight !

When it comes to weight loss some of you let your minds run wild.

Some think the worst and fail before they even start. They have said the very word that ends it before they began. “DIET.”

Strange that one little word can end dreams before they can become reality.

But we have indeed set our minds to fail. Many may say that is not true, I know many who have succeeded.

That is great if they have succeeded in doing this, but not all people are strong, but weak when it comes to controlling their eating.

There is so much junk food out there. Did you know that it is easier for the body to digest natural sugars than artificial sugars?

When we eat natural foods like vegetables and fruits, the body can handle this. But when you add junk food and processed foods then the body starts having trouble.

It can only handle so much then it starts to let you know that it has reached its limit and needs a break.

Avoiding the signs leads to becoming diabetic, obese, or even worse problems. So the doctor puts the fear in you about losing weight.

They always told me that I was a walking time bomb. your cholesterol is too high, you need a cholesterol pill.

I refused my cholesterol was 324. My sister made beet juice for both of us to drink. We drank it for two weeks every other day.

My cholesterol went down to 192, she still said it was high. I told her at least the beet juice worked and I didn’t need any pills.

That is why I say think straight to lose weight because there are many ways natural food can help you get healthy if you give it a chance to work.

It may take some time when you do it the natural way but you will not have the side effects you would if you take a man-made prescription.

You also have to remember it took time for you to gain weight and it will also take time to lose weight.

When you lose it naturally it stays off permanently because you are doing it at your body’s pace.

Not a pill that you don’t know what the side effect will be. You may not see it now but later on in the future.

Our body is like your favorite car, game, dress, shoes, jewelry. You take care of these things so that they do not get ruined, so they last a long time.

Your body should be even more important, taken care of it because without your body you can not enjoy your favorite things.

Life would not be a happy place if you can not enjoy the things you love or do things with the people you love.

When you start to eat right the body starts to repair itself because it is getting healthy foods, natural veggies, and fruits, the right proteins.

You will feel the difference. That is your body saying thank you.

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