There are a lot of people who have decided to eat less or no meat at all.

Mostly because the prices of meat have gone supper high.


Another reason is that they want to be more careful of their body. they are deciding to give plant-based foods a try.

That is a good thing to do but at the same time, you need to check the ingredients that they add to the plant-based food too.

Many companies want in on the new way consumers are choosing to eat, they try to follow the money trail.

Like when Keto became very popular, many companies added Keto to their labels.

They didn’t make any changes, the only change was to add keto to the labels.

With your plant-based meats, if it has a long list of ingredients then you know they have added something extra to it.

Especially if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, be very careful that they have not added sugars or fats to the plant-based meats or that they have been over-processed.

Make sure you are getting enough protein in your plant-based meat.

If not make sure you eat plenty of vegetables or nuts that contain protein, protein is very important for the body it helps make nails, hair, bones, Proteins give your organs their shape.

Protein is also very important when it comes to the body healing itself faster.

Builds the tissue, for muscle mass around the body, blood, bone, and skin.

Having the right amount of protein in the body also helps your metabolism get rid of the stored fat.

Also when you eat protein it helps you feel full longer, which helps control hunger issues.

There are a few plants that give you all the vitamins and minerals along with proteins that your body needs and that is soy, quinoa, buckwheat.

But make sure you eat a variety of plant foods to get the required amount of amino acids needed for your body.

One of the meat substitutes that is very popular is Tofu, It melds in with any other flavors you add it to.

Tofu has been around for centuries, especially in Asia, very inexpensive there but makes an excellent meat substitute.

Very high in protein, low in calories, it was meant to be like cheese. very affordable for everyone.

Tofu comes in extra- firm, firm, soft or silken. the extra firm tofu is usually used to fry as a meat substitute.

The silken is used in smoothies and anything else that needs something silky smooth.

Tofu is considered the best protein because it has all the nine needed amino acids, It is usually fortified with Vitamin B twelve.

Which is not found in plant-based proteins.

Tofu also has phytoestrogens so you should eat it only once a week.

If you have had hormone problems you should talk to your doctor, it may cause worse problems.

Also if you are pregnant it is best to consult with your doctor before eating tofu, for the safety of your baby.

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