Your Heart Your muscle

Do you know that when you exercise your muscles you keep your body tone! Right! And yet many people hate to exercise.

which is understandable. But did you ever stop to think, just like your body getting flabby outside, your muscles inside are flabby too?

Our heart is a muscle and needs to be kept healthy for it to work properly. letting your body become obese only makes the heart work harder to pump the blood throughout.

Your body is a walking muscle and needs to be kept toned to be able to keep healthy, to have a healthy heart, it is recommended to do thirty minutes of brisk walking or swimming, anything that keeps your heart pumping fast for a bit.

walking ten thousand steps a day helps the heart to keep pumping healthy. It also helps the rest of your organs to keep working properly.

The more you work your body it helps the lungs to give you the oxygen that your body needs to keep you moving.

Which in turn will give you more energy, you will feel less tired and more motivated to move more.

Signs of a weak heart muscle are shortness of breath, for example when you lay down or exert yourself also known as dyspnea.

Chest pain is also known as a heart attack.

Also fatigue.

Another is edema, swelling of feet, legs, and ankles.

There are many more things to look out for. All this can be avoided now.

Play with your kids take the dog for a walk, jump up and down, dance to music, go swimming, play golf, the list goes on.

You just have to find something that keeps you moving.

I know some people that want to live to be over one hundred, yet well not do any exercise! Is he being sarcastic or does he want to live that long and be miserable?

He is the only one that knows the answer to that question.

But it is better to start now, it’s never late to make changes, if your heart is still beating you still have a chance.

Even though the damage has been done you can keep it from getting worse.

Giving your body natural vegetables and fruits no processed food or junk food will help your body heal.

your body is made to heal itself, but it also needs to be fed the right foods and get plenty of rest and exercise to be able to do this.

You don’t have to strain yourself in doing vigorous exercise.

Do the things you love to do take a walk in nature, go to the beach, go window shopping, walking at the mall. you don’t have to buy anything just look.

Your heart is the one that keeps the blood flowing and gives oxygen to the body cells. every organ in the body has a vital part in keeping you alive.

ignoring your body on the outside is also ignoring your body on the inside.

Not moving around makes you flabby inside and out. So remember keep the heart muscle strong and you will live long.

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