10,000 Steps

How many of you walk all day long?

The thought of another step once you get home is exhausting.

But if you have a goal of walking ten thousand steps and are short a few thousand steps and you want to hit your goal.

What do you do about it?

You have the option to sit and relax or do something else to make up for the lack of steps.

One way to make it fun would be to jump on a rebounder while watching television.

If you have a pool you can go swimming for a few laps.

Go to the mall.

Take the kids to the park for a while or just take a walk through the neighborhood.

If you are a stay-at-home mom and have kids at home or going to school, walk them to the school bus stop.

better yet take the dog for a walk.

If you work in a building that has elevators take the stairs.

If you go grocery shopping park further away from the store.

Walk on your lunch break.

Get off the train or bus two or three blocks earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Make plans to meet a friend for coffee and walk while you talk.

when taking groceries out of the car, take one bag at a time into the house.

Instead of putting the meal all on the table, leave it in the kitchen so you can get up and serve yourself and walk back to the table.

Use the restroom upstairs if you are downstairs.

Walk all around the grocery store.

Play hide and seek with the kids.

Mow the lawn, pull weeds.

Put clothes away one item at a time.

Vacuum more often.

Turn the music on and start dancing.

If you like the outdoors go hiking.

Go fishing, walk around till you find a good spot to fish.

Return your grocery cart when you are done using it.

Go bowling.

Go play some golf that is a lot of walking.

Clean the house one room at a time.

Sweep the floors.

Then mop them.

Go walking to a friend’s house and visit awhile.

Explore new trails.

At work instead of sending them a text or email walk over to their desk instead.

How about briskly rowing a boat.

Even riding your bike.

Get a group of friends together and play some sports like football or basketball even baseball would get a lot of calories burning.

Aerobics moving back and forth.

If you have a phone and love to talk then that would be the time to walk.

If you like the country outdoors how about splitting firewood for the house and taking it in or stacking it outside.

there are so many things one could do to keep busy and walk ten thousand steps.

You just have to find a way and the motivation to do it.

Get family or friends involved.

Make it fun for you and them and you will have one hell of a support team backing you up.

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