24 Hour Fasting

twenty-four-hour fasting is another way of fasting.

instead of sixteen-hour fasting, It is two days of fasting per week.

So you have to decide which days you would like to fast.

There are a few different ways to fast, one would be to fast on the weekends the other would be fast during the week.

You can try each way and see which one you like best.

Again it depends on what days you would like to start.

Being on a two-day fast seems easy, but on this, you need to be more strict with yourself.

Because it is only a two-day fast a week and the rest of the week you eat normal meals so make sure your meals are healthy and your beverages are calories frees.

How would this work? Let us say you started at nine am on Thursday morning, so you would have breakfast before nine am.

Then on Friday morning after nine am you can have breakfast again and eat normal healthy meals for the next five days and start again.

So every week you fast for two days.

You just have to figure out which days are better for you.

You must also remember to drink plenty of calorie-free beverages to keep yourself hydrated. Teas with no sugar and milk, water, black coffee.

This is the kind of calorie-free beverage you must drink when fasting.

Limiting your sodas on days you are not fasting is also going to help you.

If you overindulge with food when not fasting then it will not help you reach your goal of losing weight.

If fasting for two days in a row is too much for you then try one day fasting until you feel you can make it to two.

Or you can separate your fasting days, one day you eat another day you fast, the next day you eat another day you fast.

Then you can eat normal meals again for the next three days.

Then the fast start again.

It is up to you to decide what days you would like to fast.

In conclusion, it is best to make sure your meals are very healthy.

So not overindulge when you are eating your normal meals.

Keep yourself motivated about losing weight and you will succeed in your weight goals.

Always make sure you keep yourself hydrated when you are fasting with no-calorie beverages.

Fasting twenty-four hours per week is good for the body.

It starts you on the road to healthy choices that you might have not thought of if you were doing some different kind of crazy diet that is out there today.

This is a more healthy way to make your body rejuvenate itself.

There is no man-made diet that can even come close to what a few days of fasting can do for your body.

But eating healthy does do the body well.

It is okay to have fast food every once in a while.

but not all the time. Keep your sweets to a minimum.

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