Avoid These

I love to eat, and when it comes to flavors, I eat more.

But I have to question sometimes when they say you can’t eat this or that.

But here are some things they say to keep away from. Which I’m sure some of you will not agree.

They say to keep away from animal fats like pork, beef, chicken.

That is kind of hard to do since a lot of the food we eat is flavored with it.

Many foods we cook require some fats to give it flavor.

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is really bad for you.

Here are some other names they call it.

Autolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed protein, autolyzed yeast, monosodium salt, monohydrate, L-glutamate monohydrate, MSG monohydrate, sodium glutamate monohydrate, UNII-W81N5U6R6U, L-Glutamic acid.

If you look at the labels you will see that some of the food we enjoy eating still have this, like Doritos and cup of noodles to name a few.

How many of you have had trouble losing weight? and can’t figure it out?

While sipping on your soft drinking.

Yes, that is the problem.

Soft drinks have so much sugar in them. Many people are so addicted to the different flavors.

They can be hard to resist.

But if you want to see those weight numbers come down you need to lose the fizz.

I know I said to keep away from sugar.

But let me explain something to you.

Soda or any other type of sweet goodies out there have sugar mixed in already.

So that is out of your control.

But table sugar is not.

If you can trust yourself to be able to use just one teaspoon of sugar you will be fine.

Artificial sweeteners are so bad for you.

You are better off using sugar or honey.

There are some foods that you might think you can’t live without.

Try this with each food item, one at a time. Avoid your favorite chips for twenty-one days.

After that, you will know if you can or can’t live without it.

It does not mean that you will never drink or eat that food again, it just means you are in control.

And you can eat it in moderation.

You can do the same with many foods you think you can never eat again.

You must stay away from coffee creamers that contain hydrogenated oils, Powdered or non-dairy ones have the oils. Which can damage the liver with liver fat.

Low-fat peanut butter is not good they take out the good fat and replace it with sugar and bad oils.

Fruit cocktails are high in sugars added.

Packaged butter flavor popcorn is so bad for you because of the artificial butter flavoring.

Which causes inflammation in the body.

The bags the popcorn is popped in are full of chemicals.

A rule of thumb is if anything you see says instant on it, you know that it is not good for you.

When it comes to energy drinks, that is a lot of sugar.

Whatever other artificial flavors they add to it to make it more addictive.

But it also causes inflammation in the body.

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