Body Maintenance

How many of you have bought a new car? You take care of it make sure it’s clean, and that it is running well.


As soon as you hear a noise that was not there before, you take it to the dealers to make sure it will be okay and run smoothly again.

You take care of it cause it cost you a pretty penny to get that car.

You worked hard to have such a nice car.

Now stop and think about this? If your car is so important and you worked your buns off for it, Why don’t you take care of your body the same way?

For that car to run smoothly you have to give it the right oils, gas, maintenance.

Your body also needs the right oils, fuel, and maintenance to keep running smooth.

I know some of you are thinking, my body and my car are two different models, and you are right, they are.

But without one, you can’t drive the other.

All that hard work to achieve the car of your dreams, only for it to sit there because you are not feeling well enough to drive it.

Our bodies if taken care of can last many years with low maintenance.

Eating all the right foods, keeping away from processed food is a lifesaver.

Eating your vegetables and fruits, cooking your meals at home.

I know that is not easy when you are constantly on the move.

Just make sure you are feeding yourself the proper nutrients to keep your body moving and using the calories to give you the energy you need all day.

Not giving in to the energy drinks that are so bad for the body, full of caffeine and sugar. only to let you down in a few hours and having to drink more because your body is exhausted.

You need to think of your body as the cream de la cream, meaning the best of the best, treat your body like royalty.

It is the only one you have and as they say you only live once. Unless you died and they brought you back to life.

Take care of yourself eat right.

This is very important, teach your children to eat correctly too.

We are so busy in life working, taking care of the house, husband, kids that we forget about ourselves.

We forget about the nutrition we should be teaching our kids.

Yes, it is easy to just give them money and let them buy what they want to eat at the store.

But then you will have little rollie pollies running around the house.

Taking care of the whole family is not an easy thing to do especially if you work.

But eating healthy meals at home does help keep the family healthier than eating out all the time.

So with that said, take care of yourself and your family like, they are expensive cars because if you don’t you well have to take them to the dealer, doctor, hospital.

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