Deep Cleansing

Before I start to show you the “Breathe Cleansing”.

You need to remember what I showed you in the last chapter ” The Way To Breathe”.

That is very helpful now and in the future.

Also if you do any deep breathing make sure your air is clean and free from any pollution floating around.

I know there are many breathing exercises on the internet out there that you can choose from.

But these three that I am about to show you are the ones I find simple and beneficial that can be used for a lifetime.

Here is something you can do every morning to start your day and it is better than coffee.

Once you have mastered it.

Breathe in slowly, but deeply ” belly breathing ” as we talked about in the last chapter.

Hold it to the count of four seconds, repeat about four times.

Next, breathe in deep again and hold your breath for twelve to sixteen seconds.

If you can not hold your breath for that long you can do it for less time, whatever is comfortable for you.

Now let your breath out slowly, clearing your lungs of all the air possible, counting up to eight seconds.

if possible. you can continue doing this a few times more.

If you find yourself getting light-headed then stop. you didn’t overdo it, you are just not used to it.

The next one is called “Breathing Fire”.

This one sounds like you don’t want to try it, But it is very simple that is why I like it.

It is a breathing technique that helps you calm down when you feel like this day is not ending fast enough, and you see no end in sight.

“It is too much for you to handle at the moment”, I think you get my drift.

Inhale through the nose deeply, hold for about six seconds and then blow out in a short burst thru your mouth like fuo – fuo – fuo – fuo…

Do this about six times or so.

Feeling anxious here is an excellent breathing exercise that is helpful if you are feeling an anxiety attack coming on.

This one is called “Breathing Out Anxiety”.

For this one, you need to sit at a table and get as comfortable as possible.

Put your elbows on the table, close your eyes, cover your eyes with your palms.

Imagine a bright light glowing from your palms.

Visualize this light moving down your arms going up to your chest, then to your solar plexus.

Keep the light shining strongly there.

Keep visualizing it, see it go to the spine, and light up to the kundalini make sure you put the light strongly there.

Now notice your breathing.

Concentrate on that.

When you are done, you can get up.

These breathing techniques are very easy to do.

I hope they help you when you are feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed.

It is always better to practice them even when you are calm.

So that way you can get calm faster by knowing how to breathe because it comes naturally to you then.

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