Deprogramming Your Mind

I know this might sound weird to you, but the first thing we need to do is start deprogramming your mind. Why you may ask, Well there is a lot of things we see on Tv and read onĀ  Magazines and Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Tick-Tock, Instagram.


Have you ever noticed that many companies use very beautiful and thin models to sell their products? What they are teaching our young girls today is that to look fabulous and be beautiful you have to look a certain way.

You need to buy this product and look how beautiful you will look. We are not all the same in height, weight, or complexion. We all have our differences from each other.

Yet many companies well say stupid things like you are too fat, no one will buy your product by the way you look. which is very wrong. Comparing someone to someone else and putting them down for not looking a certain way is prejudice in my eyes.

Many companies that compare people by a certain standard sell themselves short. some who think themselves intelligent and bright are just the opposite. And it is from this kind of thinking that you all have to reprogram yourself from.

Never let someone tell you that you have to be a certain way to be excepted. Life is full of changes and not everything stays the same. Yet every day we expect this to be true, but that is one of the biggest lies out there.

What can we do to change this? Speak up and let them know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, If we all looked alike life would be black and white and color would not exist, the beauty we see now would be void.

Right now in this world we live in, many people are not sure what is happening to mankind, there is so much anger and hate among all races.

We have always had this. But now we see it more. What has made people like this?

I believe that the prodding comes from the government itself. It Keeps pitting the people against one another, not letting them have unity. Because a people united is stronger. then one that is fighting against each another all the time. This is where deprogramming comes into play.

Yes, I understand you need to hear the news to keep up with what is happening in our world. But be selective on what you hear, remember that without realizing it we hear and see, even except what they have to say about fashion and products, and rare do you see a woman who is full-figured displaying anything of beauty products. But that is our reality.

But even now it’s hard to know what they are trying to sell when most of the commercials don’t make sense.

I have to be honest that I stopped watching Tv a long time ago. But that is the start of reprogramming. learning to think for your self not being manipulated by media.

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