Diet …Please Don’t Try This At Home….

How many of you have tried this dreadful thing called a diet? I did growing up and I never succeeded, to achieve my goal weight. It seemed the harder I tried the more I gained.

seems like everyone knows you are on one because they bring all sorts of goodies to work, anywhere you happen to be, the most delicious, smelling food, tickling your nose.

Now let me ask you something? and I want you to think of this very seriously. Why would you try something like Diet?

I mean look at this word, It starts with Die. It tells you that you can die doing this. Yet millions of people do this every day. some even conceder you weak if you fail?

Well if they can do it, then good for them. But to me, that is one word I keep out of my vocabulary. To mention that word alone, you have already failed even before you have started, even a thought can do big damage. Let me explain why.

When I was growing up, I started to gain weight and my clothes stopped fitting some of my friends suggested I diet, I went along with it. But for some odd reason, which took years to understand. I would get super duper hungry and eat more than I would if I was off my diet.

My question to you is this. Have you ever noticed that when your body is stressed about something it tends to react to what is stressing it out?

It goes into panic mode. depending on what that may be. some people break out in hives or rashes others tend to eat more, and that was me.

I would eat more. The moment I decided I need to be on a diet my body would go into an overdrive frenzy and I could not satisfy my hunger. I went from one hundred and fifty to three hundred and sixty.

I could not see my feet, I had to have my kids tie my shoelaces, my husband would not touch me, he ended up leaving me. There was more there but that was one of the excuses.

So I started talking to a friend on the internet and he started to tell me that our minds are very strong and if we meditate that we can make the body lose the weight desired by our thoughts.

So he read to me from a book that suggested this to me.” I can eat everything. My body takes the nutrients that it needs, and I still weigh one hundred and fifty pounds. I would repeat this every time I would eat.

Yes, in the beginning, It was something I found hard to believe but as I repeated it I began to believe it to be so, I would even repeat it when I was not eating and my weight did start to go down.

I changed the way I thought and that dirty word left my vocabulary forever.

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