Exercising, Does Age Matter?

Many people say that if you are old you need to be careful what kind of exercise you do. can this be true?

It all depends on each individual.

If you have been on the move all of your life and have kept active, then you should be able to do certain exercises to continue being healthy.

But if you have been a couch potato then there is a chance that you will need to take it slow till your body gets used to it.

There is always a news report of someone who is in their hundreds or more doing the things they love like dancing or working on a farm.

They enjoy whatever it is that makes them happy. But that does not mean that all people can do rigorous exercises.

As you age, you do less of the things you use to do when you were younger.

Your body is not as flexible as it once was. Your mind may say “You can do this.”
But your body says “hold on I’m not that young anymore, let’s rethink this.”

The body can become flexible again but it will take time to do this. You need to start slow and don’t overdo it in the beginning.

Let your doctor know what your plans are, he will give you some advice on certain exercises you can try that are easy on your body but effective to help you tone your body.

You don’t want to get hurt by exerting yourself. So do not overdo it. Take your time when you are getting back in shape.

One exercise that does not cost any money is going for a walk. you can walk to catch a bus or train. walk to the store if it is close by.

If you can ride a bike that is a good exercise if you can keep your balance, if you can’t keep your balance don’t try it.

Always make sure you have the right shoes to walk in. You do not want to end up with blisters or sour feet.

If you get tired it’s okay to stop and rest awhile and then continue. You are not in a race so you can keep at your own pace.

If the grocery store is too far to walk, then park far away from the store and walk a bit.

When going to the store you always know where the thing you want is. try walking the ails of the store, when you are done walking from one side to the other then you go and check out.

If you are enjoying your walking time it will pass by fast and you won’t even notice how far you have walked.

You should walk for at least thirty minutes a day.

Walking is what kept our ancestors healthy, and it is still effective today.

So enjoy a nice walk with a friend or family member and let them know that it is nice to take a walk with the ones you love.

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