False Promises

How many times did you hear or see advertisements on the miraculous pills that help you lose weight and keep it off as long as you are taking the pill?


How about the shakes you can drink and the pound melt away. That all sounds good to a lot of people who have tried it and may say it works but did it?

How many can say they still drink it, but as soon as they stop they feel the weight start adding up once again?

I know having to fight the bulge all the time is so tiring. We want to look good in our clothes. We get so desperate at times, that we even think of surgery to fight the bulge.

But if we can not handle our intake when it comes to food it’s a lost cause. We spend so much money on gimmicks that take advantage of our situation because they know our weakness.

But stop and think about this, of all the weight loss pills, shakes, they encourage you to take them every day. A pill or shake and you can eat anything or everything and still stay slim as long as you take the pill or shake.

But what happened when you stop? You gain weight and more! why? Because they are telling you that you can eat, and you will lose weight as long as you are using the pill or shake.

But once you stop, you continue to eat like you are still on the pill or shake and your weight goes up. You have no self-control because you are used to eating everything. They rely on this because that is how they make their money, they are not going to tell you this and they hope you don’t figure this out.

A lot of these lose weight pills have not been tested for more than two years and they don’t know the long-term effects that they may have on your body.

Many companies don’t care about the risk they are putting on the people taking these pills, all they see is the money they are making at this time.

This is what I call false promises. Many people love how they look and continue to take these products. But are not shown the proper way to care for themselves to keep the weight down permanently.

We have become a very lazy society where everything is made easier for us. Many families have changed their way of eating, the art of cooking is becoming a thing of the past and many families rely on fast food every day now, I can see how the weight gain is going up.

What are we showing our kids? All the nutrition that they should be taught at home is not. We are becoming a nation of overweight people, complaining that we are overweight and not doing what is right to change our predicament.

But taking pills and shakes to get thin only to turn around and continue to eat the same way, Is like promising someone you well not let them down and then turn around and let them down.

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