Fist Full Portion

When you decide to lose weight, it seems like life becomes bland, gray, ruthless.

But is it real or is it just the first thoughts that pop into your head?

They are the first thoughts that pop into your head.

Because you are thinking, What am I going to eat now?

What if I told you, That you do not have to stop eating the food you love.

You can enjoy it, but there is only one catch.

What is that you may ask?

You can only eat a few bites.

Do you think you can do this?

You are not denying your body the food it craves, You are only taking a few bites to satisfy the pallet.

Many restaurants and fast food places are starting to cater to individuals that are calorie counters.

Many new changes have taken place.

Now you have someone deliver your food order to your door.

It is called “Door Dash” it is very popular with many people who hate to drive out in the heat, traffic or don’t have a car.

I know you are thinking, that is a lot of money to pay for food for only two bites.

One way to enjoy your bites of food is to eat it slowly, enjoy the flavors, taste the creaminess of the sauces.

Make each bite count.

If it is good then just think of how it will taste when all the flavor marinates together, when you eat some more later.

But think of it this way you are not limited to just certain food, you have a variety to chose from.

The way to limit your food is by closing your hand into a fist, which is the size of your stomach.

So you should only eat that much.

If you get invited to a barbecue or a potluck and you see all this delicious food, that you want to taste.

This is what to do, You take one bite-size serving of each item you want, Which includes dessert.

Remember to always drink plenty of water, not beer, or juices, or caffeine drinks.

This is all made more simple for you so you don’t feel like, you have been deprived of all your favorite foods.

You need to learn self-control or discipline to be able to control your eating habits.

What I am trying to say is to make the right choices when it comes to eating.

Especially when you don’t have time to make lunch and grab just anything to eat.

If you are serious about losing weight and getting back into your favorite pants or dress.

But don’t want to let go of your favorite food then cut back to the size of your fist.

Start slow, practice it a few times and see if it is easy for you.

If it works you will start seeing physical changes.

You can eat more small meals like every two hours.

Don’t eat anything three hours before bedtime.

Remember to drink water before going to bed.

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