How Fit Are You?

How fit are you? That is a question that you don’t always ask yourself.

You get so busy with life that you don’t notice your appearance.


But when you do, is it too late to change it? Here are some questions you can ask yourself, be truthful to yourself.

Dr. Michael Schmidt and Brad king in “bio age, ten steps to a younger you.” devised a questionnaire for assessing physical damage to the body. The first question.

1.) How Do I Look?

Am I overweight and shaped like a pear or apple?

Do I have a spare tire around my waist?

Has my skin become excessively dry, almost paper-thin?

2.) How Do I Feel?

Do my joints hurt before or after any physical exertion?

Am I constantly worried or anxious?

Do I feel tired and sluggish most of the time?

Do I suffer from mood swings?

3.)  How Am I Doing?

Are walking and climbing stares simple or difficult?

Do I have problems concentrating?

Is running impossible for me now?

Am I unable to sit straight, preferring to slouch or droop my shoulders?

After asking yourself these questions and taking a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Do you think it is too late to make the necessary changes to improve yourself?

It is never too late! You can still make the changes you need as long as your heart is beating.

Always think in a positive way when it comes to yourself.

You are doing something right to still be alive and still walking, doing things for yourself.

For some of you that think I don’t like to exercise, that is fine there are ways to do them and not realize that is what you are doing.

or that you just don’t have time to exercise, and again I say you can do it without realizing that you are exercising.

But if you are not used to it at first please take it slow.

How about taking a walk in the park, around your neighborhood, if that is not safe for you walking around in the mall would be.

Just making simple changes to your daily routine does make a difference.

I know as the years pass by you tend to make things a lot easier, you cut corners to save time.

But as you get older the corners you cut add up in weight at the end.

some can still ride bikes, which is also very good for the legs.

Swimming is the best because moving in water makes the body work out double the time in less time, because of the water resistance.

Parking your car further from the entrance of the store.

Taking the cart back into the store or cart rack.

Vacuum the house more., Getting up and moving your body even if it is to throw a piece of paper away.

Folding your laundry and putting it away one garment at a  time.

Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, watering the plants outside.

Or just go to a gym and lift weights and stretch.

It all just depends on what you want to do. or not.

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