Is Eating Cheating ?

When you think of weight loss, the last thing on your mind is to eat more, than you eat now.

How can that be?

Well, let me put it this way.

When you eat regularly you would think you should be doing good with your food consumption.

But it is not so, you don’t eat the same at every meal.

Some meals you eat too much, while others you hardly eat.

The worst time to eat is right before going to bed on a full stomach.

That is the biggest mistake many make.

First is the love handles, Then it stretches to a round belly.

Like a balloon slowly taking shape.

But you can pop that balloon and make it flat.

Let’s try to understand this about the body.

Many of you get up in a rush in the morning not having time to eat.

You work two or three hours on an empty stomach and the body thinks you are going to starve.

So it starts to save the fat so if it happens again it is prepared, it will continue doing this every time you skip a meal.

But did you know that if you eat five to seven times a day,

Small portions you will lose weight faster! Is that crazy or what?

I know it sounds like too much food but like I said it’s all small portions.

I’m sure you are thinking how does this work.

First of all, you should already be drinking lots of water.

Next, you need to make an eating schedule to follow if possible.

Let’s say you wake up at six am, you have breakfast, your body starts to burn calories as soon as you eat, so take a shower after breakfast.

At eight-thirty eat a smart snack.

At eleven-thirty eat a smart lunch but it should be the biggest meal of the day.

At one-thirty have a smart snack.

At three-thirty you have a smart snack.

At five-thirty you have a small dinner.

Many are used to making dinner the biggest meal of the day.

But then your body does not have much time to burn the calories before going to bed.

That’s when the body starts to gain weight.

You can have a smart snack three hours before bedtime.

depending on what time you go to bed.

Never skip a meal, if you have to, have a smart snack instead.

That does not mean you skip a meal.

Your body needs it to keep burning calories.

And if you do skip a meal your body will think you are starving so it will store fat cells.

But giving your body an even flow of food will keep your body getting rid of fat cells.

By having five or seven small meals a day and not skipping a meal.

Helps the body get rid of the fat cells without exercise.

Still eat smart, enjoying your snacks between meals.

Now, do you feel like you are cheating because you are eating?

I don’t think so.

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