Looking In The Mirror

When Looking in the mirror what do we see? A face just like mine looking back at me. Do I smile or do I stare or do I wonder how I got in there.


I remember growing up as my body changed I did not like what I saw and would look at myself and say, I am ugly, or say something else that was not nice and turn around and walk away.

I did not realize that I was hurting myself with my thoughts or actions. As time went by and I was still not happy with the way I looked and put myself down every chance I could.

Years passed and then I found a book that talked about loving yourself, I started to read it and It said to stand in front of the mirror and say “I Love You” to yourself and mean it.

Do your know how hard that was for me to say those three little words “I Love You” to myself! It was hard because I have always done the opposite I cried and apologized for what I had put myself thru.

I then realized that our body has its protection mechanism and we all know it as stored fat. As we try to lose weight we say the wrong words like the diet word and our body starts to panic and start to store fat, because it knows we are going to stop eating and it needs to store fat so we won’t starve.

It also shows us if we pay attention, that our bodies are at a limit of intake of chemicals in our system and so we get a rash or hives on our skin to let us know it’s had enough.

believe it or not our bodies give us warnings ahead of time if we pay attention to the signs. It is the same way when we look in the mirror, If you look in the mirror it opens your eyes to how you look and feel.

always talk positively to yourself when you are in front of a mirror say things like ” good morning beautiful or handsome”, or “dam I look good” even if you are not ready for the day yet. Once you are ready to compliment yourself again, nothing wrong with that! The more you do this the easier it is.

you will feel better about yourself too. People will notice the difference in you as well. Loving yourself and feeling comfortable with your new confidence will make you more sociable if you are not already.

so don’t see a mirror as your enemy but as a friend that is trying to tell you something in a nice way, like a friend would do in the privacy of your home and help you improve by showing you what you need to see and there is no pressure there just a loving friend showing you love and waiting for a positive response to help you succeed gracefully.

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