Losing Unsuccessfully

Have you ever tried to lose weight and have tried everything! doctors advise and friends advice and so on. It always seems the more you try to lose, the weight seems to hang on like gum under your shoe. Have you ever stopped to think of why this happened?

We are strange when it comes to our desire to make things happen, we obsess over the slightest things if we feel the need to. Have you’re ever thought of something on your hand or foot that bothered you and at first it bugged you and then you forgot about it and it was gone?

it just went away and when you remembered it, your like wow it’s not there anymore. I didn’t notice when it disappeared. It’s like those annoying pimples that you get in your teenage years.

I had that problem in my younger years and also was overweight as I got into high school. I tried everything to no avail. I would listen to people’s advice and every recommendation they would tell me, tried it once or twice if I saw that it helped some. But then I got older and my body started to change.

I finely got rid of the pimples, sadly that is caused by hormones going wacke in your body and it doesn’t end till puberty does for most. But keeping your body healthy does help a lot especially the foods you consume.

The times have changed and so have the foods that we now eat. Many of us are used to going to the store and putting food in a basket and taking it home. But now we must be warier about what we choose to feed our family.

The FDA is not doing its job when it comes to ingredients that are put in our food. In the last few decades or more, It has excepted what at one time was considered poison to be used in our food to feed our children. They do this with a smile on their faces and proceed as if they are doing Americans a favor.

I know you may be asking what is the point of all this? My point is that the chemicals that they pass as food, are harming everyone with a health problem.

it’s not easy for the food that we eat to digest that easily as it once did and with the added chemicals we now consume it’s no wonder many of us are still alive.

there is more heart surgery now than ever before. heart doctors are in the money thanks to the change of lifestyles we all lead and the food we consume.

Trying to keep yourself healthy and eat the right foods is like trying to balance yourself on a tight rope with ten-pound weights on each leg going downhill on high heels on an icy rope with no safety net. I know that sounds drastic, but it needs to be said. because many people can be anal that way.


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