Love Changes All

What are you doing right now? you are looking to make some changes in your life. That helps you feel more confident about yourself.

there are so many natural ways of doing this. You don’t have to take the toxic chemical way to make yourself thin. But to do it right and you will lose the weight effortlessly.

Our body has its natural resources to make its changes, Just like the earth has its resources to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

first, love yourself as a person, love your cells, most of all love yourself unconditionally.

Think of it this way, If your body feels safe and secure, it can relax and release the fat that it is holding on to for protecting yourself from being in a state of fear.

If you can love yourself, love your body, love every cell of your body enough, you can remove the toxic shock that is affecting your body.

If you are fat you are fearful. If you are fearful you are fat. which still equals fear. eliminate the fear, then the fat is easily burned away.

What is the one thing that kills fear? Love. By filling your cells with love, you empower your body to relax in the warmth of love and fat can begin to melt away.

Part of the loving yourself process is related to protecting your mind and heart. when you are allowing the negative influences to toxify your mind this is what brings fear into your heart which affects the cells because they are all connected.

Bring yourself back to positive loving thoughts, pushes away the negative thoughts, exposing your mind to happy loving thoughts, so you are blocking the negative.

speaking out positive loving phases with your voice box allows the love to go into your heart, into the bloodstream, and this love feeds on the fear and negativity.

Now you have to look at this using the rational-thinking part of your brain for a minute.

This is a process, Now think about it, your body cells are infected with toxic negativity, a large percentage of your thirty trillion cells are infected with fear and negativity and are programmed to communicate the need to store fat for survival to other cells.

This is a process, you can’t just undo it in one day hoping it will eliminate all those bad infected cells instantly all at once. It can happen but it is very rare for this to happen.

Just like people who are instantly healed from a disease that would have killed them it does happen but it is rare.

so protecting your mind is very important, because it affects the heart, which at the same time affects the rest of the body, remember it is all connected.

Letting in negative thoughts from the world does create problems to one self-esteem, we are all unique in our way, we are all different and not the same.

be the source of love that the world needs, not a clone like it wants everyone to be.

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