Loving Yourself

The Natural Alternative For Weight Loss is a miracle, But it’s not an instant miracle it is a process.

That for some may be easy and for others may be difficult, depending on how truthful you can be to yourself.

What do I mean by that? On a scale of ten to one and ten being the highest and one being the lowest what score would you give yourself?

Think about this very seriously, be honest. What score would you give yourself when it comes to loving yourself?

10. Enlightenment –  Pure Consciousness, Self

9.  Courage – Empowerment, Permitting

8.  Acceptance – Merciful, Forgiveness

7. Willingness – Inspiring, Hopeful

6. Reason – Meaningful, Understanding

5. Fear – Withdraw, Anxiety

4. Grief – Regret, Tragic

3. Guilt – Blame, Destruction

2. Shame – Despise, Humiliation

1. Apathy – Condemning, Abdication, Despair

So what score did you give yourself? If you gave yourself a  score from ten to six it should be easy to reach your goal. From five to one then it will take some time to achieve your goal but you can achieve them.

This is where self-love comes in because without self-love we have no self-worth, we have nothing, It is so bad that we consider a mirror our enemy, we can not stand to see ourselves.

I was that person. I felt that low of myself I wanted to die.

I would look in the mirror and hated what was looking back at me.

I would say hateful things and walk away. I have to admit it took a few years to get out of self-destruction.

My sister told me I had to look in the mirror and tell myself that I was sorry for what I said to myself.

I Had to make myself say this. So I did, it was hard at first. Because for so long I believed this to be true, I felt I was lying to myself at first.

But then I asked myself, why all this self-hatred? I could not think of any reason, or I had forgotten what it was.

So I looked in the mirror and started to apologize to myself, cried, started to give myself compliments.

I started to improve slowly, It wasn’t easy, I felt so guilty when I would buy myself anything that was over fifty dollars. I had to tell myself it was okay, I’m worth it.

once you accept yourself with love, then the hardest part is done.

When you see yourself with eyes of love and you start to feel it down deep into your very soul, knowing you have value, excepting yourself. wanting to make the necessary changes to make yourself feel better.

I didn’t change overnight, It took time and patience and I have to admit I still have to work at it.

But don’t feel discouraged, all good things come to those who are patient. We can not undo something we have said or done, but we can make the necessary changes to make life different for ourselves than before.

We need to forgive ourselves to succeed, life is to short to keep going as we are.

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