Many people with good intentions, well go to a book store to buy a book to find the latest information on how to lose weight fast and efficiently.

They will spend money on clothes to exercise in and food that is made with low calories, with no real nutritional value.

They will follow a new program that has been rated the best by the media.

You are ready to start your weight loss challenge.

You have told your friends and family about your plans and even asked if they would like to join you, for support to keep each other motivated.

My question is this, What is the reason people stop trying even before they start?

Some even buy gym memberships and let them expire and don’t go at all.

Many people blame the lose weight program.

But is that the real reason?

No, it is the lack of motivation!

If you look around today you can see the lack of it.

Times have changed and many people do not want to work.

There are many homeless people, some live like this by choice.

Another is by the circumstance that was out of their control.

You need to find motivation in yourself not out in the world around you.

It is not easy when you are trying to make a difference for yourself.

But you can be someone else’s motivation.

If they see you moving forward, even though there are many obstacles ahead of you and you don’t let it slow you down, you go thru them like they were never there.

Changing your mindset to a positive one is the right way to go.

If you start to see yourself failing from the start you are setting yourself up for failure already. So you might as well not even try.

But if you start by setting reachable goals that are fun, even enjoyable, you will be looking forward to reaching them.

This is called self-motivation, There is nothing wrong with doing this for yourself.

If anyone asks you ” how do you do it! You look great” you can let them know that it starts with a positive mindset and self-motivation.

Remember failure is not an option.

Keeping yourself motivated is not easy at times, but if you don’t do it who well?

It is like telling someone else that you want to lose weight, but they have to do everything for you while you sit and wait for the weight to melt away.

You know that is not going to happen unless you put in the effort.

encourage yourself to succeed, by doing your part to move ahead.

If you feel discouraged along the way, which everyone does once in a while, don’t dwell on it,¬†tomorrow is another day.

keep thinking positive thoughts, and reachable goals that are enjoyable.

Make yourself happy by doing the things you love, keep positive friends and family around you that encourage you, and support you.

most of all smiles are contagious! someone needs to see it!

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