Other Fasting

I have talked about the two most popular methods of fasting.

Which is the eight/sixteen and the twenty-four/two.

they seem to be the easiest for people to follow.

There are other fasting methods that I will talk about.

four/twenty is fasting where you only have a four-hour window to eat dinner or whatever meal you prefer to start with.

Anything that will help you along the way that is filling for the next twenty hours.

In this fast, you can eat raw vegetables and fruit in small quantities only in your twenty-hour fasting period.

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water or other low-calorie beverages.

The reason I keep reminding you of the no-calorie beverages is that the liquid helps to detoxify your body of toxins.

The next one is called the two/five fasting.

In this one, you fast for two days but you can eat a low-calorie meal on your fasting days.

Men can eat six hundred calories on their fasting days.

Women eat five hundred calories on their fasting days.

But make sure that you are eating healthy meals not junk food on your normal meals day.

The next one is called thirty-six-hour fasting. this one you eat dinner at seven pm your first day.

You don’t have anything to eat on the second day, just no-calorie beverages.

You have your next meal on the third day at noontime.

It may be easy for some.

But for others, if you are not used to fasting you may not make it thru the fasting time.

It is better to do your fasting alternating your days.

one day you eat the next day you fast, next day you eat. you get the routine.

If you still have trouble with not eating then you can eat five hundred calories of food.

But remember if you cheat! you are only cheating on yourself.

The weight will still be there.

But when you eat healthy foods that give you the nutrition your body needs you won’t feel hungry.

Some have done the forty-two-hour fast.

You would have a meal at six pm. The following day you would not eat anything.

Just drink non-calorie beverages.

On the next day, you would not eat anything until lunchtime.

When you are doing forty-two hours fasting you don’t have to limit yourself on food when it comes to healthy normal meals.

Because that is a lot of hours that you are not eating and the body needs the nutrients.

In conclusion, the body shows us how amazing it is by the things it does to keep us healthy.

Just like many things in life that just need a little help so does our body.

Just think with a few missed meals the body starts to rejuvenate itself back to health.

Eating healthy foods gives our bodies the nutrition that it needs to keep itself healing.

That is the way to go.

Try the fasting method that best fits your lifestyle.



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