Quieting Your Mind

Quieting your mind is no easy task, we are always thinking of one thing or another. Even at night when we need to get our rest, it is hard to stop thinking of the events of the day. And what tomorrow will bring or what needs to be done.

Especially if you have a family that you need to organize first, before going to bed. Or first thing in the morning. the sad thing is we get so wrapped up with life that we don’t realize that we need to make time for ourselves. otherwise, we end up feeling overwhelmed, and the weight of the world is on our shoulders.

It does not happen just to woman but to men also. As we become adults and take on more responsibility are stress levels go up, some of us can do fine, but others can’t.

When you learn to quiet your mind it helps put things into focus and also helps you to be able to think more clearly, everything falls into its place like a puzzle. solutions that would not have been thought of appear to you more clearly.

I tried this because I use to come home from work irritated and my sister would tell me to leave work there and not bring it home with me.

I found that very hard to do, so I started to look up meditation and found a powerful way to quiet the mind and focus and it has been a god sent. First, you need to make time to be able to do this, even if it is only fifteen minutes if possible. You will find that the more you quiet your mind the better.

It is best to do this when you are going to bed, the room should be quiet, that all you can hear is the ticking of a clock or the hum of a fan, and just concentrate on the sound.

try to blank out your thoughts and if another thought comes just clear it out of your mind and listen to the tick of the clock or the humming of the fan. It is best to be sitting up so that you can concentrate on the sound.

Once this is done and you can master quieting your mind then what you do next is picture in your mind something you would like. just to test it out, like finding a parking space close by, being able to solve a problem at work that usually takes all day, people around you in a better mood.

Some might think this sounds too good to be true, it takes time to do this but once you get the confidence and believe that it can happen as you have seen it in your mind’s eye the opportunities are endless.

just keep it to your self try it out and see. Quieting your mind does open many doors of opportunity if you believe in yourself. But if in doubt don’t try it out.

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