Simple Eating Combinations

In case you decide to try clean eating here are some simple food combinations to help you get started.

Just remember whole food are what you need to buy. Keep away from processed food as much as possible.


Make these recipes your own by adding your style of cooking to them. And bring out the flavor.

This salad is made with quinoa grain, dates, asparagus, and oranges it is good as a salad. It is full of protein, amino acids, and fiber.

Carrot soup and yogurt blended to make a smooth soup.

How about Grilled chicken and tomatillo sauce quesadilla is really good.

Oven-fried sweet potatoes.

Tangy lemon sauce and salmon with broccoli.

If you have a sweet tooth there are carrot cake oatmeal cookies, they have lots of fiber.

Grape and arugula salade with sunflower seeds.

Make a breakfast pudding with almond vanilla milk and chia seeds are good and gives you lots of energy.

Roasted shrimp and broccoli can be made in fifteen minutes.

A good breakfast is a whole-wheat toast with avocado slices on top and poached eggs on the side.

A broiled steak and sauteed sweet onions.

Tuna steaks with sauteed onion and mint with sprinkled almond on top.

Roasted lemon chicken with cauliflower and broccoli.

These are a few things that are clean eating.

By eating clean insures for one that you don’t go to the doctors much and keeps your body healthy, full of energy, strong metabolism.

You lose weight because you are no longer eating processed foods that take away your energy and make you tired and fat.

Best of all it helps you live longer so you can see your kids have kids and spoil your grandkids and send them home with their mom and dad.

So eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, small portions of lean meats.

Drink plenty of water and keep away from sugar drinks especially diet drinks. Also, remember that eating six small meals is better for you than eating three meals a day.

People tend to eat more if they only have three meals a day.

But eating every two hours keep your stomach full and you won’t eat much during meal times.

Your body will stop storing fat because it is full and it will start using stored fat because it does not see you trying to lose weight by not eating any food.

So it actually starts to burn the fat that it has stored.

By staying off processed food you will lose weight even faster giving you a slimmer look.

You will have more energy, eat less and still feel full.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t eat everything on your plate.

You can save it for a later meal.

By eating clean meals, it will keep you healthier and away from doctors more.

Your immune system will be stronger and your metabolism will be working strong to get rid of the extra fat storage.

You will see a different you right before your eyes.

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