Stepping it Up

Many people pay a pretty penny to go to a gym and work out. It may be convenient for some, but not for others.

There is always a way to get buffed and you don’t have to pay a dime.

Find someone who needs wood chopped for the winter, bales of hay that need to be loaded on the back of a truck or unloaded, digging ditches or weeding, can tone your muscles too.

My brother, when he was younger, bought leg weights. He would walk, run and jump with them every day.

At first, it was hard and he would get tired, but he continued to wear them on his ankles and he wore them for six months.

Finely when he took them off, he tells me to come outside and watch him jump the fence that was six feet high and he made it.

He said he felt like he was walking on air after he took the weights off.

Walking up and downstairs is another way to help you burn calories. Or if you don’t like stairs there is walking up or down hills that is a real thigh burner.

Working in construction is a way to tone up your muscles as well. The good thing about some of these things I’ve mentioned is you can be getting paid while building your muscles.

If you enjoy swimming that is another way to tone your body, water is easy on the body but makes you work a bit harder.

Work out in water is like exercising for an hour instead of thirty minutes. It helps the body better than if you exercise on land.

If getting wet is not your kind of exercise then there is a jump rope, many of us as kids use to jump rope at school back in the day.

Then there is housework at home, you can make your house cleaning work out by moving faster, bending, going up and down stairs more, stretching high to dust off-shelf and ceiling fans.

In the winter shovel snow off the sidewalk or driveway, you can even help a neighbor out and do their dive way and sidewalk too.

Then there are the kids who are full of energy and love to play and be chased around the yard or house.

You can take them bike riding, play tag, play hide and seek, turn on some music and show them how you used to dance.
If you stop and think about what you would like to do to make yourself move more and make it fun you probably well not give up that easy if you enjoy what you are doing.

All you have to do is think positively, use your imagination, see your body in the image you want it to be, and focus.

Don’t feel bad if you miss a day, every day is a new day, a clean slate. You decide what you are going to do with it.

You can start slow and then step it up as you feel the need.

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