The Way To Breathe

I know I have been talking a lot about breathing and how it is really good for you.

Some of you may be thinking I breathe every day and I feel fine.

But there are other ways of breathing that help your body get the oxygen it needs to energize itself.

Now that you have your mindset in a positive state you can move on to proper breathing techniques.

But before I show you how to breathe properly, let me tell you what you have without the techniques of breathing.

You lose out on the energy you have.

You start to eat sugar or caffeine drinks to give you a boost, which works for a short time, then it drops you like a hot potato.

When not breathing properly the brain gets a signal from the body, letting it know something is not right.

From there the brain lets the body know it needs to work harder.

people who have breathing problems have to work harder for each breath they take.

So when this happens, it can affect the way your think.

Now you are thinking, well I’m not dead so I must be doing something right?

Yes, you are, but you need an adjustment to improve your breathing.

I want you to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself breath for a few moments.

I want you to look at the following things.

Look at your shoulders, chest, stomach.

When you breathe look at your shoulders.

Do they stay where they are or rise?

How about your chest, can you see it move, or does it stay still.

Your stomach does it rise or does it stay still.

You may have to stand there for a few moments and observe yourself.

Have you ever watched a baby sleep on its back?

Sometimes it is hard to see if they are breathing, all you see move is their tummy.

The shoulders and chest don’t move.

So the efficient way to breathe is to bring the air down into your belly.

When it expands it fills the lungs with air.

This is called “belly breathing” as the diaphragm contracts the belly expands filling the lung with air. So

Your shoulders don’t move, your chest does a little and your stomach expands.

This is what you should see when you are looking in the mirror while taking deep breaths.

This way of breathing should be practiced every day till it becomes natural to you.

Practice at night when you are in bed when you are walking, driving anywhere you are.

Let it become a daily habit.

If you already breathe this way great.

If not Keep reminding yourself.

Learning this breathing technic is very beneficial for your body’s health.

I also want to remind you that when you are doing these breathing exercises (While you are learning) then they become part of you.

To make sure the air is clean, that there is no car fumes or any other pollution around you when you do your deep breathing.

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