Walking every day is a blessing, yet many people hate to walk.

It could be because their feet hurt, or the bottom of their feet get sores and blisters to the point that their feet bleed if they are on them too long.

but there has to be a way to walk that is not harmful to your feet.

Have you tried swimming? swimming is very easy for the feet because you can do walking in the water which is better for you.

For fifteen minutes and that would be like walking for half an hour. The water makes the bodywork a little harder because of the resistance.

Making it easier on your feet when in a swimming pool, but if you are at a lake be careful and wear water shoes.

Handcycle, where you have hand paddles instead of foot, peddles This bike is stationary. it helps get your heart rate up and helps you get upper body strength.

Rowing is great also for working out plus you can enjoy the lake while you are out there. There are many ways to enjoy walking and it does not have to be for just exercising.

I enjoy going to the store and walking around looking at new things down the aisles.

Walking on the beach is nice and easy on the feet, there is the rebounder that you can bounce on when you are watching tv or doing karaoke.

A good way to help your feet if you tend to get blisters on the bottom of your feet would be to check your shoes.

Also, check your socks they could be rubbing the bottom of your feet, adding cornstarch or foot powder to your shoes before you put them on could help reduce foot irritation.

It is important to get your heart beating a little faster than normal, so it can get some kind of a workout.

Even if it is just walking around the house a few times a day.

It is getting closer to fall and that is a nice time of year when the leaves start to fall off the trees.

But the scenery alone is so beautiful with the green, yellow, orange, and red leaves still on the trees.

Certain times of the year are so beautiful you just want to go out and enjoy the weather even if it is just rain or snow.

If you can take a walk even if it is out on the porch to step out of the house a while.

Walking is one of the easiest and natural ways to get your heart going faster than just sitting on the couch. it does keep the body toned, you can even flatten your stomach.

You can feel the walking work out especially if you are walking up hills, which gets the heart pumping.

When I lived in Seattle I walked a lot and at first, it was exhausting but it gets you in shape before you know it. and it did.

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