Watching Tv

How many of you like to watch tv?

I have to admit that I do like to watch tv.But I also have to say it is a time killer.

Especially if you have things to do.

It is hard to stop watching.

Then I moved out to the mountain country.

I have no cable, I only have basic internet that sucks.

So I stopped watching tv.

Now I buy DVDs.

Guess what no commercials.

I love it! I get more done than I used to.

But one thing about watching tv is it is also a time to eat and drink.

What else are you going to do other than watch a movie?

Well, there is looking at your phone.

Our society is so unsocial, Everyone is forgetting how to talk to one another.

Our social skills have been destroyed.

Along with our food.

We are so busy looking down at our phones that we have lost many opportunities in life.

Our food has changed and our bodies have changed too.

By the foods we eat, By the things, they add to it.

To make us eat more.

They are putting things in our food that they use in cars and what they use as paint thinners.

We are too busy with our heads down to even notice.

Some don’t even care as long as it tastes good.

That is where the problem starts.

You don’t care until you have gained the weight you want to lose.

You need to open your eyes and take care of yourself before you get to that point.

I know that many of you along with your younger family members play games on the internet with PlayStation or Xbox.

instead of sitting down stand up move around.

Or turn the game off and go play outside for a while.

Did you know there is more obesity in kids now than there was forty or fifty years ago?

That is not good for the next generations to come.

Our kids don’t play outside like they used to, so many changes in our society have made it dangerous for kids to play outside.

..They can not go to parks unsupervised to many perverted monsters outside.

Just watching for a perfect opportunity for parents to take their eyes off their kids.

Even just letting them out in the yard around the house, you still need to be watchful.

That is why it is so important that you do fun things as a family.

Keep them healthy, running, jumping, laughing. enjoying family time together making memories.

Also, teach them about strangers.

Never talk, or go anywhere with strangers, anyone that says “your daddy said you can come with me”, Is lying if you don’t know him.

So be safe when you go out with your family and friends have fun, make them run but don’t leave them alone.

Be sure to make them stand up and play so they can grow up healthy, not overweight.

which will be harder for them to lose.

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