Water You Waiting For

How many of you find it hard to drink water?

Yet water is so good for the body, but not all water tastes good or the same.

They add too many chemicals to it.

Like chlorine or fluoride, and some water smells like rotten eggs.

Many people today buy most of their water in bottles, for the very same reason, That it is the safest way.

We must drink water every day bottled or not.

Our bodies need water to survive.

Did you know that drinking water can help you lose weight and keep it off?

By drinking more water it increases more health benefits to your body, making it easier for the body to lose weight.

keeping our bodies in proper hydration, We can eliminate toxins from our body.

Making it more effective for the body to start burning up the extra fat.

We lose two and a half to three liters of water from our bodies in a twenty-four-hour day.

So we need to make sure that we replace that or our bodies well dehydrate this, in turn, causes the body to store fat and prevents weight loss.

How do you know if your body is not getting enough water, Fat storage is promoted, weight loss slows down, digestion decreases, craving for water is often thought to be hunger pains, muscular efficiency decreases.

Who knew that drinking water helps the skin to retain elasticity so it is good to keep hydrated so you don’t have any sagging skin.

How many people do you know who drink a soda a day?

Many drink diet soda thinking that they are doing their body good.

They are doing the opposite.

Replacing soda with water helps the body lose weight faster, you can even feel the difference because your body starts to detoxify giving you more energy, which you will soon see on the scale as you lose the weight.

Fruit juice is not a great substitute for soda they are about the same, high on sugar low on energy drinks they don’t help you lose weight but do the opposite and you start to gain and feel more hungry.

You want to increase your water intake not just any kind of liquid intake.

Remember water helps you lose weight, not the juice or soda.

You should drink a glass of water before each meal and do not add ice or drink cold water it should be at room temperature.

Iced water or cold water can increase digestive enzymes that will make you more hungry.

You should drink water thru out the day to keep you hydrated, proper hydration helps reduce inflammation in your joints, all body organs.

proper hydration also helps with constipation, eliminates symptoms of asthma, helps the kidneys eliminate kidney stones, increases the ability to lubricate and eliminate.

Drinking water increases your body to detoxify, which makes it lose weight faster, which helps it eliminate fat faster and keeps your skin tighter, also helps with inflammation of your joints, and is great for your organs!

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