Weight Loss Starts With Your Mind

How many have heard this saying” If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.” And many of us can do this by dreaming big, seeing our vision, focusing on our future.

But many people want to see results right away. You need to understand this, just like it took you time to gain the weight it will take time to lose it.

many people are desperate enough to take diet pills and that is short-lived especially if you need to take a pill every day.

But doing it the right way, all-natural way is the way to go because when you use your mind, body, and soul it speaks volumes. You may ask how can this be?

When we have self-love and want to keep ourselves safe, we always find a way. In doing this we do not harm anyone else. Many people think that to love oneself is a selfish act. But it is not.

As Jesus once said love others as I have loved you. Doing a kind deed to someone in need is a selfless act of kindness and if the person receiving this kindness thinks he is up to no good then shame on him, but if he does something for someone and expects something in return then is he not in need of something too?

All of us are born with the ability to be able to help one another. Some do it with modern technology and others do it with the universal knowledge that has been used by mankind for centuries.

Jesus would meditate and heal the sick. We to can meditate and heal ourselves along with others. Our minds and souls are very powerful. Our greatest example of this was Jesus he relied on his father’s help and achieved miracles.

He said all we had to do is ask in his name and we could do the same. With that said, what is stopping you?

Then some say they don’t believe in Jesus. To you, I say, then what is stopping you. You are in charge of yourself. You have a mind and soul and you think differently or do you?

In my book ” solutions From My Ancestors For Everyday Health Problems”. I Wrote about how powerful the mind can be. Without spilling any blood, the man dies, by thinking he ran out of blood in his body.

The mind does many things to protect the body. It can also help with the healing process too. If you can quiet your mind by concentrating on just one sound like a ticking clock, a running fan, anything that you find soothing, not loud, but low.

Just listen to the sound of the clock or fan. every time a thought pops up in your mind, push it out and just listen to the soothing sound.

It will be hard at first to quiet your mind. but once you do, it will be easy from there on cause all you have to do then is just listen and your mind will quiet down automatically.

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