Who’s To Blame?

There are many reasons that we have trouble losing weight. Life is like a roller coaster ride, one minute we are high and enjoying life and then down we go and our food becomes our comfort.

We eat our emotions one bite at a time.  I use to cook big pots of food. or go buy hamburgers or other forms of fast food to take away the anger, hurt, frustration. Whatever emotion that was in motion was satisfied with food.

Then I would look in the mirror and look away in disgust at the image that I would see before me and just walk away because I did not like what I saw. But oh how I enjoyed my food and the bigger I got, till my pants started to look wider and wider.

Sadly I had no one to blame but myself for eating my sorrows and when you start to blame others for your lack of self-control, a poor excuse.

Then I started to try to lose weight by dieting… Please don’t try this at home, it doesn’t work. I did this and I was like mother Hubbard with no food in the cupboard, except I did have food but I ate it all.

My body panicked and started to eat anything and everything. But I was so blind in the desire to lose weight that I  didn’t realize that just thinking of getting on a diet, was not helping at all.

Years later I saw what was happening to me and I changed my way of thinking and it helped.

First of all, I kicked the word diet out of my vocabulary, which helped and worked. Next, I also gave my body the food it craved, I know what you are thinking, ” That is the total opposite”, But I would not go out and devour everything in sight, I would take a bite or two and then leave it.

It’s like when you go to a potluck and get a little bit of what you want and get to enjoy it. you did not deprive your body of anything.

I also started to check and see how some foods were made and that also helped me to keep that kind of food out of my mouth. For instants, I use to love to eat cake with buttercream, and then I found out that a lot of the cream is made with Crisco, that stuff is so bad to consume.

Looking out for the things they put into your food helps because there are so many things they add to food now days nowadays you would be surprised and never think they would allow this.

You should grow your food and raise your meat to eat. We need to take control of what we eat, Investigate how things we buy are made not just rely on the food companies to supply us with the food they make and deliver. I know that it’s not easy, but please be aware

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